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Welcome to Matheson Chiropractic & Wellness Center

Chiropractic Works

Chiropractors are probably the most misunderstood practitioners in health care. So I’m delighted you’ve chosen to visit our site and learn more! What you’ll find is what so many Sarnia and Lambton County residents in Lambton County have discovered: Chiropractic is amazingly simple. Chiropractic is remarkably safe. And chiropractors can be helpful for a variety of health problems — problems that
rarely resolve on their own.  Read some of our patient’s testimonials to learn about their experience in our office.

Quality of Health

At Matheson Chiropractic Clinic, we believe that quality of health and quality of life are intertwined, threads
of the same fabric. To that end, we are passionate about sharing with our patients, everything we know
about all aspects of health – the role of the immune system, supplements/vitamins, diet & exercise,
developing & maintaining a positive mental attitude, ergonomic furniture design features, and much more.

“I personally, want every person I meet, to know that they have this incredible inborn, innate potential
within and I can help them express that more advantageously through having a nervous system that
is functioning at its optimal level. I am NOT just interested in merely getting rid of your pain or disease
process; I am focused on empowering you as a human being to experience as long & healthy a life
as possible! “
Dr. David Matheson

Dr. David J. Matheson | Sarnia Chiropractor | (519) 332-8133